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Reliable Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Streamlined Virtual Desktop Solutions for Your Employees

Metamaze’s team of experts can help you leverage the power of the cloud to do more for your business. With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), your business will be able to provide cloud-hosted virtual desktops to any device that you choose. DaaS eliminates the typical constraints around virtual desktop solutions, making your business more agile while simultaneously improving your security posture.

And with Metamaze at your side, you’ll have a trusted partner to guide you through the transition to DaaS implementation.


What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solutions?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) uses the cloud to allow your business to deliver virtual desktops to any device that you need, whenever or wherever you choose. Many organizations favor this solution because it is cost-effective, highly secure, and performs better than other forms of virtual desktop.

Benefits of DaaS

Working with Ntiva is one of the easiest ways to implement DaaS within your organization. Our team of experts provides 24/7 support to help you get the most from this cloud-based form of virtual desktop. Here are some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy with this service.

Stronger Cybersecurity

One of the big benefits of DaaS is the fact that data is safely stored in the cloud. This means if a device is stolen or compromised, it can still be cut off from accessing your organization’s sensitive information. A DaaS environment also makes it easier to install patches and other security updates, which can be pushed out to all devices simultaneously. This provides an additional layer of protection to your systems (and offers you more peace of mind).

Control Costs

Working with Metamaze means you receive the support you need, 24/7/365, for the same fixed cost every month. If there’s an outage, cyberattack, or other problems with your DaaS set up, you won’t have to absorb unexpected expenses. While other providers may charge by the project or service call, support from Metamaze is designed to be a set and predictable cost. That makes it easier for you to plan out your budget without sacrificing necessary support.

Greater Flexibility

DaaS is easier for your organization to manage, and allows you to offer greater flexibility to your users. At a time when so many organizations have embraced hybrid and remote work, DaaS makes it simple to provide your users a consistent digital workspace. That flexibility is also helpful when it’s time to deploy a new device or decommission a user. DaaS makes it easy to get a new employee up and running, or to remove access from someone who’s no longer with your organization.

24/7 Support

Metamaze provides round-the-clock support for DaaS. No matter where or when your users are working, if they have a problem they can count on our expert technicians to help them resolve it.

Our expertise with DaaS also means that we can get your people back to work faster. Working with Metamaze is a great way to minimize downtime and keep your users productive.

Types of DaaS Deployments Offered

Virtual desktops are a great way to improve your security posture while offering greater flexibility to your employees. Ntiva provides a number of different DaaS deployment options, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your company. Here are a few examples of DaaS solutions that we support.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services makes it possible for your users to connect to a virtual machine to access their desktop. This is a relatively simple virtual desktop option but can be effective for some applications.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that can be used, among other things, to deploy and maintain virtual desktops. Azure is an incredibly powerful and versatile solution, and popular with many of Metamaze’s clients.

VDI Desktop as a Service

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a form of remote desktop virtualization that uses virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. VDI may require in-house servers, software, and hardware, which can make it a more cumbersome option compared to other DaaS solutions.

AWS Desktop as a Service

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, also offer a DaaS option for organizations interested in deploying a virtual desktop environment. Like Azure, AWS uses a cloud computing platform to support DaaS.

VMware Desktop as a Service

VMware also offers a DaaS solution that is compatible with many cloud environments, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. For organizations with cloud infrastructure in place, this can provide an alternative option to consider.

We Are Experienced with Multiple Platforms

Metamaze has experience with numerous platforms, including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ProxMox
  • Nutanix

How Do DaaS Solutions from Metamaze Work?

Metamaze offers DaaS solutions designed to fit your needs and your budget. With basic plans starting at $84/month per user, we’ll help you implement DaaS throughout your organization and back it up with 24/7 support for your users. It’s an easy way to keep your data secure, provide greater flexibility to users, and minimize downtime when problems occur.

To ensure the success of our implementation, we follow a four-phase onboarding process designed to capture all the information and knowledge we need to support the project. Once this onboarding process is complete, we’ll conduct a full assessment of your organization and put together a plan to help you stand up your DaaS solution of choice.

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