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Cloud Security Managed Services

Dependable Cloud Security Solutions To stay competitive, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud technology for its flexibility, speed, and reliability. But just as more organizations have turned their attentions to this new frontier, they’re also facing new risks.

Data loss, poorly configured access management, and data breaches are all potential security threats to your systems. Attacks on your systems can lead to lost productivity and downtime. A lack of good security protocols could also pose compliance or regulatory challenges. And if cyberattackers were to succeed in accessing your systems and data, it could be damaging both to your business and reputation.

None of that should dissuade you from migrating to the cloud. It should make you pause to consider the importance of a dependable cloud security solution. Here’s how Ntiva can help.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Our team can assess your current security posture to identify your highest-priority risks & how to address them;we follow industry leading path way.

Employee Cyber Security Training

Our security trainings help turn your employees into your front line of cyberdefense. No system is fully effective untill the end user is vigilant.

Expert Guidance on Cloud Security

From instituting multi-factor authentication to helping with disaster recovery, our experts guide you through every step of cloud security.

What Is Cloud Security Service?

Cloud computing systems require their own set of security measures, which work together to not only protect your company’s data but to maintain regulatory compliance. These measures consist of an organization’s procedures and policies, as well as the controls and technology that dictate how cloud systems are accessed, how users are authenticated, and how information is secured.

As a managed IT service provider, Ntiva offers these kinds of security services more efficiently and at a lower cost than an in-house IT team could provide.

Managed Cloud Security Service Benefits

From small businesses to enterprise-level organizations, companies of all sizes enjoy big advantages when they hire a managed services provider to oversee their cloud security. By outsourcing these services you’ll save money — while still enjoying 24/7 protection.Here are six benefits to working with a managed service provider.

Reliable Automation

Automation reduces the chance for error by eliminating manual tasks. Once your system is configured, it will reliably run according to your security protocols.

Improved Efficiency

As your organization scales, an in-house IT team can quickly be overwhelmed by the demands of cloud security. Outsourcing these services allows you to perform at maximum efficiency.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Managed security services mean that your data is under 24/7 protection. Threats are identified and dealt with in real-time, keeping your sensitive information secure.

Proactive Cyberdefense

With managed security services, you benefit from proactive cyberdefense methods based on the most up-to-date technology and best practices.

Lower IT Costs

Hiring and retaining skilled IT workers who understand cloud security can get expensive. Outsourcing these services to a managed services provider is a great way to reduce your IT costs.

More Focus on Growth

When you delegate your cloud security to a trusted provider, it leaves more time for your IT team to focus on the strategic projects that grow your business.

Types of Cloud Security Support Offered

Businesses choose to work with Ntiva because they trust our expertise. When it comes to cloud security, we provide services that enhance your security posture, prepare your employees to recognize threats, and help you recover quickly from incidents or outages.

Every security plan we create is tailored to the individual needs of the organizations we serve, but they do share a few things in common. Here are a few types of the cloud security support that we offer.

Security Assessment

Does your cloud environment have the right protections in place? Or are you vulnerable to cyberattacks? We’ll assess your security and make recommendations.

Continual Cloud Monitoring

Cyberattackers don’t rest, and neither do we. Ntiva provides 24/7 monitoring for your cloud systems to quickly detect—and neutralize—any potential threats that arise.

Regulatory Compliance

Beyond basic security, your industry may also face strict regulations around how you store information. We’ll help you ensure your data and systems are fully compliant.

Backup and Data Recovery

Successful cloud backup and recovery is the cornerstone of business continuity. We provide recovery solutions designed to help you quickly bounce back from disaster.

User Access Control

Do you know who has access to your systems and why? We’ll make sure your team members only have access to the data they need, and only when they’re supposed to.

Data Segmentation

Your cloud vendor has other clients — can they access your data? We’ll guide you through data segmentation to ensure breaches like that don’t happen.

How Does Cloud Security Managed Services Work?

Cloud technology has come a long way. These days, you can generally trust that your cloud provider is offering you a very secure environment.

Unfortunately, they can’t protect your data when it leaves the cloud to interact with your other systems.

That where cloud security managed services come in to help fill the gap. These services function by focusing on four key dimensions:

  1. Human Error
    Cloud security works to remove as much potential for human error as possible through automation and other digital tools.
  2. Digital Protection
    Data storage and networks are safeguarded against cyberattackers seeking to steal information from your systems.
  3. Impact Mitigation
    When an incident does happen, cloud security helps ensure the impact on your systems is minimal.
  4. Data Recovery
    If data is lost, either through human error or a malicious attack, cloud backup and recovery systems are in place to restore it.

With those four dimensions in mind, let’s look at some more specific examples.

There are several tools designed to address the technological vulnerabilities of your system. Encryption, for instance, is a powerful and effective way to safeguard your day by making it unreadable to anyone who lacks the right key. You can also protect your data as it moves between systems by using tools like virtual private networks, a common technique in cloud security.

Just as physical offices use keycards to control access to certain areas, there are digital tools to verify the identities of your users and manage their access to data. These safeguards might include everything from your password policies to your use of multi-factor authentication, among other restrictions.

Help desk support is focused on incident management. When something breaks for a user, the help desk is there to help fix it.

A service desk, however, offers additional support in the form of taking service requests and answering user questions or requests for more information. Both offer support for your users, but the one that’s right for your organization really depends on the needs of your users.

Governance polices are focused on identifying threats, preventing them, and/or mitigating their effects. They include things like user training as well as policies outlining acceptable user behaviors. These aren’t just good for your data — they also help keep your users safe from potential digital threats.

When disaster strikes, you need a plan in place to ensure business continuity and data retention. The key here is having updated and accurate backups to ensure no data is lost. It’s also important to regularly test your business continuity plan, along with the backups themselves. (You don’t want to wait until disaster strikes to find out you’re not as prepared as you thought.)

Some industries, including healthcare and finance, are under heavy government regulations aimed at protecting private information. For these industries, any cloud security measures must also comply with these regulations.

Cloud Security Services from Metamaze

Metamaze’s managed services include cloud security services tailored to the unique needs of your company. You can begin the process by talking to one of our consultants today!

Once you’re ready to get started, we’ll launch our discovery process. During this phase we’ll learn about your challenges, your operational goals, and the needs of your organization. All of this helps to shape our approach and ensure we provide 24/7 cloud security that aligns to your operational goals.

For more detail on how this works, check out our four-phase onboarding process for new clients. This allows us to collect the vital information and knowledge we need to help prepare your business for success. Once this process is complete, you’ll be ready to put our cloud security services to work for your organization.