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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Gain access to top cybersecurity services to protect your business and close your IT security gap

Metamaze provides a wide range of cybersecurity consulting and fully managed cybersecurity services. We protect your business from unrelenting attacks around the clock.

With Metamaze, you get 24/7 security monitoring, management, and remediation provided by a dedicated team of cyber experts. You enjoy layered protection, starting with a security assessment and offering high-availability security operations centers (SOC), SIEM, and more. And you gain access to skilled cybersecurity consultants — including virtual CISO services and cloud security services.

A cybersecurity risk assessment provides your business with an in-depth look at your current security posture. Our IT security services team identifies all your assets that could be affected by an attack, understands the risks associated with each element, helps you define what needs the most protection, and then provides a customized road map with short- and long-term milestones.

A vCISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to you on an as-needed basis. Our vCISO talent can bring both strategic and operational leadership to those who can’t afford (or don’t need) a full-time resource but do need someone to provide consistent security expertise.

Passwords alone are no longer enough to protect your company against cyberattacks and data breaches. MFA protects your online data by ensuring that only verified users can access your business applications and services.

Metamaze’s IDR solution (also known as SIEM) actively monitors your network 24/7 for signs of attack before they happen. It consists of three important layers, including an automated threat detection system, skilled security experts who review these alarms, and remediation that happens in near real time, without interrupting your business. Intrusion detection systems are considered a must have!

Antivirus software may protect you from the simplest attacks, but it’s unlikely to be capable of protecting against sophisticated modern hacking techniques. Metamaze’s Endpoint Detection and Response service uses powerful AI to stop attackers in their tracks—even when your devices are outside the office firewall—backed by a 24/7 SOC that further analyzes any additional undetected threats.

Most security incidents start with a phishing attack aimed at employees. Metamaze’s cybersecurity services include managed antiphishing training, providing you with an automated, 12-month campaign that steadily increases your employee’s abilities to recognize, report, and block attempted phishing attacks.

Metamaze’s Vulnerability Scanning solution scans your network for the kinds of vulnerabilities attackers target most, including missing security patches, insecure settings, and unneeded services. The findings are analyzed, prioritized, and addressed, closing loopholes before attackers can exploit them.

GRC refers to a strategy for managing an organization’s overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations. Metamaze’s cybersecurity services team can help you create a well-planned governance, risk, and compliance strategy, which includes creating, auditing, and managing a clear framework that aligns your IT and business strategies.

What is dark web monitoring? Dark web monitoring can help keep data protected, so you can ensure sensitive information is kept secure. Our dark web monitoring services monitor the dark web for information that’s being sold or traded to protect you from threats you might not have recognized.

To outfox cyberattackers, you need to know how they think — and how they make their attacks. Penetration testing from Metamaze
allows you to safely identify your security gaps long before the wrong people find them.

How Can Metamaze Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is key to keeping your business not just healthy, but competitive. As a top-tier IT services provider for more than a decade, we’ve seen the security landscape evolve. That’s why we’ve designed a set of solutions specifically to meet the needs of SMBs.

Unlike most security providers, Metamaze works with SMB clients every day. We understand your environment, your risks, your budget constraints. We’ve created a set of affordable solutions that together create a comprehensive cybersecurity program to safeguard your data, help meet your compliance requirements, and give you a significant competitive advantage.

How many of these benefits could help your organization right now?

Most legacy networks are not equipped to deal with the sophistication and frequency of today’s cyberattacks. Assess your infrastructure thoroughly to determine network security viability, then create a prioritized plan to address any deficiencies. Next-generation firewalls provide more comprehensive threat protection, including application control, intrusion protection, antivirus, and deep packet inspection.

All applications, operating systems, and security software should be reviewed regularly, and software updates and security patches should be subsequently applied. Identify any software that the manufacturer or provider no longer supports, so it can be upgraded or replaced.

In today’s digital business environment, applications, workflows, and information need to move seamlessly across environments — and your cybersecurity strategies must follow. As the “network edge” becomes more fluid and harder to clearly define, focus on closing vulnerabilities wherever they may be. This means quickly detecting compromises and responding to those compromises in a rapid, comprehensive, and appropriate way. To do so, you must have in place the right intrusion detection system and security incident response plan.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides an excellent reference resource for securing data and physical assets. Although it’s natural to focus on the “cyber” aspect of cybersecurity, physical security is still critical. Restricting or denying access to computers, servers, and data centers is an integral part of protecting digital assets, as is educating users on effective physical security protocols.

From phishing to pharming to inadvertent acts of negligence, employees are often your biggest risk vector. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to protect your organization is to create a culture of cybersecurity, where training is an ongoing process and your staff understand exactly which behaviors to avoid or embrace.

A structured risk assessment can help identify and address significant security gaps that may be putting your company’s data, digital assets, and network at risk. A typical assessment involves defining the system, identifying threats, determining the potential impact, analyzing the environment, and finally calculating the associated security risk.

How Much Do Managed Cybersecurity Services Cost?

The short answer is that you should expect to spend 10% of your IT budget on security. The longer answer is that how much you invest depends on your industry, the size of your organization, your IT footprint, and the complexity of your infrastructure, networks, and data.

When organizations are looking for ways to save money, cybersecurity sometimes ends up on the chopping block. For those companies fortunate enough to never have gone through a critical security breach, these services can seem extraneous. Why pay for something that’s not being used?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question becomes crystal clear once a breach happens.

Just last year, a report published by IBM Security found that the cost of data breaches had reached a 17-year high, to say nothing of the damage done to intangibles like customer trust. Companies unwilling to invest in cybersecurity all too often still pay a high price.

The good news is that solid cybersecurity protection won’t break the bank. And by taking common-sense steps today to protect your organization, you can avoid the kinds of breaches that lead to big fines and lost revenue.

The majority of businesses that choose to outsource their IT needs do so in order to save money (see below for the comparison costs), but there are many other benefits as well!