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Cyber Risk Vulnerability Evaluation Solutions

There’s no single vector of attack when it comes to cyber threats. Attackers will exploit any weaknesses they can find in your systems. In today’s digital environment, your best defense is to be proactive about finding — and eliminating — your vulnerabilities.

That prospect can seem daunting if you’re not a cybersecurity expert. Fortunately, Metamaze’s cybersecurity risk assessment services provide you with an immediate, effective solution. We’ll evaluate your systems to identify where you’re most vulnerable, and then we’ll help you take steps to enhance your cyberdefense. Here’s what we can do for your organization.

Identify Weaknesses

Our thorough evaluation process will identify the greatest weaknesses in your cyberdefense.

Test for Resilience

How quickly could you recover from a cyberattack? Our resilience review will help you find out.

Strengthen Your Systems

Once you know where you’re vulnerable, you can take steps to protect your systems & organization.

What Is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

A cybersecurity risk assessment is a process designed to identify where your systems and security practices may be most vulnerable. The assessment includes a review of your security standards, an evaluation of your current IT controls, interviews with your team, and a risk assessment report that highlights areas of greatest concern.
How Often Should You Have a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Done?

While it’s a good idea to have a process in place to continually evaluate your cybersecurity risks, a full risk assessment should also be performed once a year. Please note that this frequency may also depend on the size of your organization, your regulatory requirements, and the technology you have in place for your systems.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Benefits

If you’re concerned about your organization’s cybersecurity, a risk assessment is one of the most effective ways to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your systems. Here are a few of the benefits these assessments can offer.

Identify Weaknesses

The worst way to learn about a system vulnerability is through a cyberattack. By identifying your weaknesses now, you can take steps to correct them and protect your organization.

Regulatory Compliance

If your industry is subject to particular cybersecurity regulations, a risk assessment can help you spot areas where you may be out of compliance.

Establish Priorities

Knowing where you’re most vulnerable helps you to prioritize your cybersecurity efforts. An assessment helps you stay focused on the areas of greatest risk where your organization is most vulnerable.

Better Resilience

Cyberattacks are inevitable, but if you’ve been proactive about your security, you can ensure your organization will be more resilient. Risk assessments are a great first step.

Stronger Security

Regular cybersecurity risk assessments will help your organization improve your overall security posture. Over time, this virtuous cycle will make your organization stronger and stronger.

What Are the Costs of an Outsourced Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

Ntiva provides cybersecurity risk assessment services within two monthly tiers. The Complete program starts from $84/month per user, and the Compliance program (designed for industries with advanced regulatory requirements) starts from just $99/month per user.

These plans are part of our managed IT services programs, which are designed to provide the right technology support to organizations like yours. All our packages can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our pricing page for full details.