Home Automation

Implimented home/industrial automation solutions for 100+ properties which covers solar based power solution, surveillance, electric switches and Google and Alexa powered hardware

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Cyber Security

We provide cyber security consultation to SMEs. We also do penetration testing for ISP (Internet service providers) to ensure secure access to their end clients.

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Medical IoT

We design and develop smart medical devices, and also work as system integrators for various healthcare facilities, shortly coming with full range of wearable IoT healthcare devices

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We are counted among one of the trustworthy names in industry for rendering Technical Consultation Services in the field of Medical Diagnosis device manufacturing and cyber security.

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Digital Marketing

We can help you generate more business by promoting your brand, service, and products on the internet to get more business and create a brand presence.

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Software development

We assist you to overcome the imminent challenges and fill the void spaces with the latest technologies. We deliver future-proof software that works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cyber security important to a business?

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to cyber security. Whether you’re a multinational conglomerate or a small family business, if you use digital technology in your business, then you’re at risk of cyberattacks. Bringing your business forward doesn’t always mean more sales. Sometimes, it means securing the most essential asset – your data. 


Businesses should never treat cyber security as an afterthought. With the number of cyber threats increasing by the day, you can never be too comfortable with the safety of your business data because data breaches can happen anytime, even to the most technologically prepared organisation. 


As businesses rely more on technology, the more likely they are in danger against cyber threats and data risks. What a business owner can do is see the real importance of cyber security and how it can help you grow and provide better service to customers. 

Why is Smart Home Automation System needed?

You need a smart home automation system for multiple reasons, and this FAQ will only discuss the top seven of them:

1.Remote control

With this latest smart home automation system, you don't need to be worried about a turned-on TV at home when you are away from home, and nobody is in the house to turn it off. Smart home automation system offers you the opportunity to control your devices through a remote controlling system. You can manage the devices from thousands of miles with the aid of a smartphone and the internet. 


2.Intelligent security 

The following reason is the need for intelligent security. Home automation solutions can help in managing the security of your home. You can collect data through gadgets like cameras and sensors, and analyze those data will help you enhance your home's security. 


3.Intelligent lighting

Lights in your home can be managed using a smart home automation system. You can change the brightness and intensity of the light to suit your needs.

4.Shading control

Controlling the peak heat gain and cooling in your home is critical for maximizing the natural lighting of your home. This control of shading will increase your visual and mental comfort significantly. The system will help you bring balance between natural and artificial light, thus reducing glare and discomfort. 


5.Audio and video devices

A smart home automation system can assist you in controlling your audio and video devices and building the most relaxing and peaceful atmosphere possible in your home. Audio and video system control will help to release the tension after a hectic day.


6.Scene control

When it comes to customizing the house and lighting a particular area for special occasions, scene control is essential. The lights can be changed to match your mood and provide you with peace of mind.


7.User interface

The smart home automation system is designed to meet the homeowner's particular requirement and enhance convenience and comfort. With the help of a simple mobile application, you can control your house's overall atmosphere and look. 


The need for a smart home automation system is justified. Now you must probably be looking for a home automation solution. Well, you are in the right place. Because HDL automation has brought you the best home automation products. With over premium quality products you can get avail all the benefits of your house. You can expect the following advantages from our latest smart home automation system:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Comfort and convenience 

  • Remote control

  • Enhanced security 

  • Better control over the devices

  • Peace of mind

  • A higher value of your house

  • Better impression


What are major advantages of medical IOT?

Healthcare IoT is not without challenges. IoT-enabled connected devices capture huge amounts of data, including sensitive information, giving rise to concerns about data security.

Implementing apt security measures is crucial. IoT explores new dimensions of patient care through real-time health monitoring and access to patients’ health data. This data is a goldmine for healthcare stakeholders to improve patient’s health and experiences while making revenue opportunities and improving healthcare operations. Being prepared to harness this digital power would prove to be the differentiator in the increasingly connected world.

  • Cost Reduction: IoT enables patient monitoring in real time, thus significantly cutting down unnecessary visits to doctors, hospital stays and re-admissions
  • Improved Treatment: It enables physicians to make evidence-based informed decisions and brings absolute transparency
  • Faster Disease Diagnosis: Continuous patient monitoring and real time data helps in diagnosing diseases at an early stage or even before the disease develops based on symptoms
  • Proactive Treatment: Continuous health monitoring opens the doors for providing proactive medical treatment
  • Drugs and Equipment Management: Management of drugs and medical equipment is a major challenge in a healthcare industry. Through connected devices, these are managed and utilized efficiently with reduced costs
  • Error Reduction: Data generated through IoT devices not only help in effective decision making but also ensure smooth healthcare operations with reduced errors, waste and system costs

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